The Forbidden Game: Runes

The concept of runes is a repeating one throughout The Forbidden Game. Here's some quick information to get you up to speed. Descriptions in italics are taken from the books themselves.

What Are Runes? The 25 alphabet-like symbols which make up a set of rune stones were brought into use by 13th century Vikings. They believed the runes were a sacred gift from the gods and used them to make decisions in much the same way we use horoscopes. It is believed that they took bags of runes with them on their worldly conquests.
How Do They Work? Like horoscopes, runes are believed to give insights into your near future.
How To Use Runes First create your own runes from clay, rocks etc. and place them in a small bag. Put all other thoughts out of your mind and focus on a question or problem that's been troubling you. Now pick out a rune. Remember to always lay your rune face-down and then turn it over. Then look up the meaning. For accuracte readings, all 25 runes must be together before you choose one and remember that some of the runes' meanings change depending on whether you pull them out in an upright or upside-down position.

Rune Meanings

MANNAZ - The Self

This rune indicates that you're not paying enough attention to the voice telling you how to handle a tricky situation you've encountered.
Upside-Down: You're far too busy blaming other people when it's more likely that your gossiping ways are responsible for your trouble. You must learn to keep secrets.

GEBO - Partnership

Love and friendship are on the cards for you.

ANSUZ - Signals

If you've been willing something to happen, it's likely that it will. Chance encounters are also on the horizon.
Upside-Down: If you're having troubles with friends or family, don't despair - it's meant to teach you a lesson about getting on with everyday living.

OTHILA - Seperation

It's time to get rid of your bad habits or friendships. Whatever it is, it's holding you back.
Upside-Down: You'll soon be called upon to provide comfort to a friend in distress. Just remember to be sensitive and listen, but above all, to make sure that you're honest.

URUZ - Strength

This rune usually signals the loss of something to which you're very attached. It's message is now to worry too much, somehow it'll work out for the best.
Used for piercing the veil between worlds
Upside-Down: You may be upset about a recent occurence, but you've brought it on yourself.

PERTH - Initiation

You or someone you know is keeping a secret that's about to come out in the open, so avoid gossiping. Meanwhile, a hint you've given about something you want has been heard by the right people.
Upside-Down: You're about to have a run of bad luck - especially in relationships.

NAUTHIZ - Constraint

Examine what's attracting your bad luck and stop trying to change things you can't control, only work on practical solutions.
Also known as NYD, it is used for containment, providing "eternal constraint, preventing travel in any direction."
Upside-Down: You've lost your temper with someone. Calm down and make an attempt to control your moods.

INGUZ - Fertility

If you're just about to start something it's sure to be a success as this rune signifies new beginnings.

EIHWAZ - Defence

This warns of obstacles that will be met in a plan of yours. Think carefully about the repercussions for yourself and others that this plan may bring.

ALGIZ - Protection

Start to control your emotions as others are tiring of your highs and lows. You're so caught up in yourself that you're missing opportunities.
Upside-Down: Watch your health and keep an eye on anyone you suspect may be using you.

FEHU - Possessions

A rune of rewards received, ambition realised and love matched. The love of your life is about to appear.
Upside-Down: Put aside any worries about your future and focus on the present.


A secret wish is about to be granted. Good fortune is coming your way.
Upside-Down: A personal crisis is at hand and you will need plenty of patience.

JERA - Harvest

A beneficial outcome of something you're committed to is on the horizon. You've planted the seeds for success - now sit back and enjoy.

KANO - Opening

You'll have flashes of inspiration for artistic activities and you may also discover a talent you never knew about.
Upside-Down: Something in your life is coming to an end. Accept it's over and move on to new opportunities.

TEIWAZ - The Warrior

You have formed a special bond with someone and you are both likely to get something rewarding from it.
Upside-Down: Don't become too obsessed with the past, it's time to find something new.

BERKANA - Growth

If you're thinking about something don't give in to doubt, just go ahead and do it.
Upside-Down: Cracks are forming in a close friendship. Take the first step and say you're sorry.

EHWAZ - Movement

This is a rune of travel, movement and new dwellings. You may be about to move house, take a holiday, or a situation that's been getting you down will improve.
Upside-Down: If you can't solve a family problem or personal crisis, don't worry as the answer will present itself shortly.

LAGUZ - Flow

Stop worrying and analysing everything (especially where romance is involved). Trust your intuition.
Upside-Down: This is a warning against trying to hard to get someone's attention. Back of a bit.

HAGALAZ - Disruption

Steady yourself for a change of plans.

RAIDO - Communication

Stop listening to people who don't know the full story and don't be afraid to speak up for yourself.
Upside-Down: There's been a communication breakdown and it's time to clear the air and get everything out into the open.

THURISAZ - Gateway

Don't make any hasty plans as you are likely to get caught out.
Upside-Down: Take care and think before you act.

DAGAZ - Breakthrough

You are about to be presented with an opportunity you've been hoping for. Big achievements and success are assured.
For awakening

ISA - Standstill

Everything has come to a standstill and all you can do is accept it and use your time to work on other things.

SOWELU - Life Force

You've been making plans to improve your finances and nows the time to take steps to do this. Success is assured.


For journeying in space.

The Blank Rune

This signifies that destiny is at work in your life.

Taken from Mizz magazine (seriously) and The Forbidden Game books.