The Forbidden Game: Character Profiles

A quick run down of the characters, major and minor, of The Forbidden Game.

Jenny Thornton

Name: Jenny (Jennifer?) Thornton
Appearance: Slender with forest-green eyes, straight eyebrows and golden-brown hair
Age: 17
Family: Mother, Father, Half cousin (Zach Taylor), Grandfather (Grandpa Evenson)
Nicknames: Thorny
Worst Fear: Facing what happened on the day her Grandfather went missing
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: Stubborn, Jenny Thornton refuses to be beaten at anything. A popular student, she is known for her wild pool parties which she is determined should succeed. Her loyalty to her boyfriend Tom - and indeed all of her friends - who she has always been in love with, has endured despite the many tests upon it during the Game. In fact, it is this loyalty which threatens to change her own character as she always tries to please Tom and do what he expects of her. When pushed, Jenny has shown herself well able to overcome any obstacle with a ferocity that is daunting.


Name: Julian
Appearance: Luminous blue eyes framed with heavy eyelashes, white hair cropped close at the sides but falling into his eyes at the front
Age: Unknown but is the youngest of the Shadow Men
Family: The Shadowmen (presumably)
Aliases: Erlkonig
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: First seen in a shop called More Games by Jenny Thornton, Julian appears as a combination of cyberpunk and Byronic poet. His mood changes often and he enjoys trapping people verbally and acting and dressing in a completely outrages manner. Alone as the youngest Shadowman, he attempted to win some love in an unorthodox way that was, in the end, his death. Undoubtedly dangerous, Julian seemed no more than a confused little child underneath the charades.

Tom Locke

Name: Tom (Thomas?) Locke
Appearance: Handsome with short dark brown hair and hazel eyes flecked with green.
Age: 17
Family: Unknown
Nicknames: Tommy
Worst Fear: Losing his girlfriend, Jenny Thornton
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: Headstrong Tom is often quite domineering without meaning to be. He is over-protective of his girlfriend, Jenny, and wary of any attention she receives from others. Rakishly charming and slightly arrogant, Tom is a person who is used to getting his own way and being the centre of attention. Something about his demeanour makes all of his clothes look specially tailored and shows his prowess in sports. When forced to face his worst fear, he came to realise how much he truly loves Jenny and tried to change his ways.

Dee Eliade

Name: Deirdre Eliade
Appearance: As beautiful as an African priestess, closely cropped black hair and incredibly long legs
Age: 17
Family: Mother, Grandmother (Aba), Grandfather (deceased)
Nicknames: Dee
Worst Fear: Being abducted by Aliens
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: A thrill seeker, Dee enjoys martial arts, especially kung fu, and working out. She believes that boys as boyfriends become lying hounds which is her reason for not having one. Spiritual in her own way, Dee enjoys disturbing those around her. Although she has a razor-sharp mind, she wants to work with her hands and refuses to go to college as she doesn't trust technology, preferring to face things head on. She has a skewed sense of humour which she often employs in this aim, and is slightly jealous of Audrey Myers who she bickers with constantly. However, the two have come closer thanks to their ordeals at the hands of the youngest Shadowman - who informed Dee that she was the image of the Ancient Egyptian beauty, Ankhesenamun.

Audrey Myers

Name: Audrey Myers
Appearance: Chic with glossy auburn, almost copper hair, chestnut eyes and spiky jet-black eyelashes
Age: 17
Family: Father & Mother
Nicknames: Aud
Worst Fear: The Black Forest, Germany - setting of all the Grimm brothers fairy tales - especially the Dark Elves; Outdwellers who take females to procreate
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: Chic and practical-minded, Audrey is a newcomer to the group. Her father, with a job in the army, often moved the family around, and as such, Audrey can speak several languages including Cantonese, German, French and Italian. This experience also left her feeling insecure, something which she refuses to show. She is very concerned about her outward appearance and her clothes are always exquistely tailored. In the group, she has become one of Jenny Thornton's best-friends, threatening Dee Eliade, with whom she has a hostile relationship. She also has become romantically involved with Michael Cohen.

Mike Cohen

Name: Michael Allen Cohen
Appearance: Shaped like a teddy bear with dark hair and sarcastic eyes
Age: 17
Nicknames: Mike, Mikey
Worst Fear: Turning into a plant
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: Insatiably curious, Michael often covers up his own insecurity with his sarcastic humour. He thanks his lucky stars that sophisticated Audrey Myers has deigned to date him but often does little to keep her interested. A self-confessed coward, Mike will let anyone else take over the situation but never seems to run out of topics of conversation!

Zach Taylor

Name: Zachary Taylor
Appearance: An intense beaky-nosed face with light hair and eyes grey as the winter sky
Age: 17
Family: Half cousin (Jenny Thornton), Grandfather (Grandpa Evenson)
Worst Fear: Going insane, as 'it runs in the family', a reference to his Grandfather
Book Appearances: The Forbidden Game Trilogy
Other: Cool and unreadable Zach often appears cold and uncaring to those around him. Even his own cousin, Jenny, cannot decide whether he actually likes her or merely tolerates her. A talented photographer, Zach has his own studio and becomes immersed in his art, often choosing it over real life.

Summer Parker-Pearson

Name: Summer Parker-Pearson
Appearance: Petite with thistle-down, curly hair and dimples
Age: 17
Family: Mother
Nicknames: Sun Bunny
Worst Fear: Being swallowed up by her messy room
Book Appearances: The Hunter and The Kill
Other: Small and dependant on those around her, Summer brings out the protective natures in those around her. She is especially reliant on Jenny Thornton, who she sees as her protector and a role-model of sorts. Summer is easily scared and when someone remarked that one day her messy room would swallow her alive, it became her overruling fear. To the point of her being killed by it in The Hunter.

Grandpa Evenson

Name: Grandpa Evenson
Appearance: Thining white hair framing a kind face with tired, twinkling dark eyes
Age: Unknown
Family: Daughter, Granddaughter (Jenny Thornton), Grandson (Zach Taylor)
Book Appearances: The Hunter (in Jenny's nightmare) & The Kill
Other: A man with a deep interest in the Nordic Runes, Evenson soon became obsessed with "The Shadowmen", who he knew as aljunnu and djinn, and attempted to summon one to use as a source of power. In the end, he was forced to forfeit his own life in place of his five year old granddaughter. Later, when Jenny was found in the basement, her family assumed that her Grandfather had gone insane and attacked her.


Name: Aba
Family: Husband (deceased), Daughter, Granddaughter (Dee Eliade)
Book Appearances: A lover and creator of art, Aba travels regularly and enjoys exploring African culture and heritage. In between adventures she returns home to visit her daughter and granddaughter and has proved to be a huge influence on Dee's life. Unfortunately, she lost her husband in a racial incident.

Other Characters

Cosette - Jenny Thornton took Cosette, a stray cat, in regardless of her "mangy" appearance. Despite all of Jenny's efforts, the cat still remains wild, although it has never bitten Jenny herself.

Dakaki - An African devil who makes people "horny".

Sif - An ancient German goddess with shining golden hair.

Ostara - The ancient German goddess of Easter.

The Creeper - A wolf-man under the control of Julian.

The Lurker - A snake-man under the control of Julian.