"But they [dragons] were also strong. They kept the shapeshifters on top. I'm sure there are plenty of 'shifters who'd welcome a dragon back."
- Keller, "Witchlight"

The Ancient Scrolls

'A dragon has only to touch
An animal and it is able to
Assume that animals form,
Know all that animal knows,
Do all that the animal can do.
There is no limit on the
Number of shapes it can master.
Therefore, it is a true shapeshifter.
And the only one worthy
Of the name.'

The Source of All Power and Weakness

No matter what form it takes a dragon may always be known by it's horns. A dragon will usually have between one to three horns and, in rare cases, four. These horns, which are the seat of it's power, are most cruelly removed by the witches who capture them, to steal from them the power of changing.

The First House

The First House of the Drache family are the direct descendants of the dragons and are the present day rulers of the shapeshifters. They have inherited the dragons ability to choose the animal shape they want, only in a diluted form. They have the ability to pick whichever shape they want to become, but only once. Once they shift, they live with that shape for the rest of their lives.

Children of the First House are not born with a connection to any animal. They have power over all animals and are allowed to choose, when they reach adulthood, which one they choose to be for the rest of their lives. This is done by touching the chosen animal, initiating a telepathic connection with the animals mind.

The History of the Dragons

"Dragon's haven't been around for about thirty thousand years."
- Keller

It started back in the days that humans were still living in caves. The shapeshifters ruled then, and they were brutal. In some places they were merely the 'totem spirits' who demanded himan sacrifice, but in others, they kept breeding pens... with humans instead of cattle. They treated these humans as cattle are now treated, breeding them for their hearts and livers. The more human flesh they ate, the stronger they got.

They were stronger than anyone and the humans were like flies to them. The witches were more trouble, but the dragons could beat them. There weren't any vampires at that time. Maya hadn't sought immortality just yet. But the dragons were naturally immortal... and they were the undisputed rulers of the earth. They showed no pity, no concern and no mercy to and for the ones they killed.

All of the shapeshifters were bad news. The big felines especially, but the bears and wolves wreaked their fair share of havok.

The First House, the Drache (Dragon) family, are descendants of the weakest of the dragons. The one the witches left awake because of her youth.

Hecate, Witch Queen, organized a gathering of the witches, calling them together to strike at the shapeshifters. And so the war began...

Geological records of the time show that volcanoes over the whole world erupted around then. The dragons, using Ancient Magic, now lost to the world, managed that amazing feat. They believed that if the world was not to be ruled by them, it would be ruled by no one. Their choice was to simply detroy the world. The other shapeshifters helped and they were almost too much for their opponents. But then, the witches gained the upper-hand. They put all the dragons to sleep and buried them in the deepest places of the earth. The only one left alive was the dragon princess. As she was only 3 or 4, they decided to let her grow up under their guidance. But the world was a scorched and barren place for a long time after... and the shapeshifters, ever since, have been the lowest of all the Night People.

Originally compiled by Faey of Circle Moonbeam.